Extension of the National Museum in Warsaw

The planned building of the National Museum Conservation and Storage Center in Warsaw is another building belonging to the National Museum, closing its southwestern assumption. Its location in the vicinity of both the Main Building of the Museum National and other outstanding buildings (the Warsaw Stock Exchange Building and the Stock Exchange Center) and the park with the publicly accessible remains of the former "Ogrod Na Książęcem" place high demands on the architectural and spatial solutions used, despite its service function to the Main Building.

The monumental architecture of the neighborhood and belonging to the "MN Campus" encouraged us to the use of stone pilasters in a module identical to those found in the Main Building, thus creating a coherent image of the future complex. The emerging rhythms and the vertical articulation of the façade language of the designed building succinctly and consistently inscribe it into the architectural fabric of the surrounding area.

5 500 m2
Muzeum Narodowe